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Faculty Recruitment Guidelines

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is committed to the University
of Florida’s affirmative action in faculty recruitment. It is the
College’s goal to foster diverse faculty who have the capacity, the
qualifications and the motivation to perform their assigned duties in superior
fashion through a diverse range of interests, abilities, life experiences,
and worldviews that will enhance the academic mission of the College.

In attaining this goal the College should maintain a continual commitment
toward Equity Compliance for Equal Employment Opportunities by:

  • Assuming the responsibility for assuring success of your departmental
    Equity Compliance Plan by reviewing, evaluating, and changing your plan
    as circumstances, needs and demands require.
  • Eliminating practices and correcting any individual inequity which
    perpetuates or results from discrimination towards women or minority
  • Continuing to target goals for recruitment and consideration of women
    and minority group members to insure that candidates and employees with
    appropriate qualifications, potential and responsibility are afforded
    equal opportunity for selection, training and promotion, and are compensated
    without discrimination.
  • Actively seek to employ the individual best qualified
    to perform a certain function, recognizing that there are persons of
    all races, colors, religions, sexes and national origins who can possess
    the abilities required for the achievement of excellence.

Filling Faculty Position Vacancies in Compliance with Equity Compliance

Vacant faculty positions must be filled in accordance with University
Search and Screen Guidelines. Post Doctoral Associates may be appointed
on salaried positions without advertisement.

Prior to the start of any search for a vacant faculty position, the
following must be submitted to CLAS HR Office: