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Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies concentration within the interdisciplinary undergraduate major (IDS-LAS) offers UF students the opportunity to pursue individualized study in an increasingly important region of the world (e.g., Brazil is Florida’s largest trading partner), making use of UF’s extraordinary resources. The UF Center for Latin American Studies was founded in 1930 and is one of the largest and most prestigious of such institutions in the US. UF has approximately 180 faculty members whose teaching and research focus to a significant extent on Latin America and the Caribbean. The Latin American Collection of the George A. Smathers Libraries is one of very few stand alone collections in the US, and features extraordinary holdings on Brazil, the Caribbean and other areas of Latin America. It now has more than 400,000 volumes and more than 1,000 serials.


Students pursue an interdisciplinary program built upon the social sciences, humanities, languages and area studies. The program requires 21 credit hours of 3000-4000 level coursework in Latin American and Caribbean area courses, intermediate proficiency in a language of Latin America and the Caribbean (typically Spanish, Portuguese, or Haitian Creole) and a senior thesis (and at least 7 hours of IDS 4906 Interdisciplinary Thesis Research).
Sample Thesis in Latin American Studies (PDF)
Students are strongly encouraged to participate in a study abroad or internship program in Latin America and the Caribbean.


To be admitted to the IDS-LAS program, students must have a 3.0 GPA and approval by the CLAS/IDS committee. Students select two UF faculty members from two different departments (at least one of which must be in CLAS) to serve as primary and secondary advisors
who will provide academic guidance and supervise the thesis.

Language Requirement

The language requirement can be met by successful completion of SPN 2240, POR 3242/3, or HAI 2211, an AP score of 4-5 (with approval), an SAT II score of 700; an IB score of 5-7; a Spanish A or AS level in the AICE exams . Bilingual speakers of Spanish, Portuguese or Haitian Creole must demonstrate proficiency by written or oral examination.

Recommended Entry-Level Classes for the Major

  • LAS 2001 Introduction to Latin America
  • LAH 2020 Introduction to Latin
    American History
  • ANT 2410 Cultural Anthropology
  • CPO 2001 Comparative
  • INR 2001 International Relations

Required Courses for the Major

  • LAS 4935 Variable Topics in Latin American
    Studies (may be taken more than once if the topic varies)

At least one of the following social science courses (or an approved substitute):

  • ANT 3332 Peoples of Latin America
  • CPO 3303 Introduction to Latin American
  • GEA 3405 Geography of Latin America
  • LAH 3300 Contemporary Latin
  • SYD 3630 Latin American Societies

At least one of the following humanities courses (or an approved substitute):

  • ARH 3650 Latin American
  • MUH 3541 Latin American Music
  • HAT 3564 Haitian Culture and Society
  • POR 3500 Luso-Brazilian Civilization/Culture
  • SPN 3510 Culture and Civilization
    of Spanish America
  • REL 3381 Religion in Latin America

Other Latin American Content Courses Applicable to the Major (in addition to those not taken above)

  • ANT 3162 Aztec Civilization
  • ANT 4168 Maya Civilization
  • ANT 4323
    Peoples of Mexico and Central America
  • ANT 4331 Peoples of the Andes
  • ANT
    4336 Peoples of Brazil
  • ANT 4340 Anthropology of the Caribbean
  • ANT 4930
    Cuba, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico
  • ARH 3656 Ancient South American Art
  • ARH 3657 Mesoamerican Art
  • GEA 4465 Amazonia
  • ECS 3403 Economic Development
    of Latin America
  • LAH 3131 Colonial Latin America
  • LAH 3100 Emerging Nations
    of Latin America
  • LAH 3470 Introduction to Caribbean History
  • LAH 3741
    Revolution in the Americas
  • LAH 4471 Caribbean History to 1800
  • LAH 4472
    The Caribbean in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
  • LAH 4473 France
    in the Caribbean
  • LAH 4520 Andean Nations
  • LAH 4630 Brazil since 1750
  • LAH
    4602 History of Amazonia
  • LAH 4433 History of Modern Mexico
  • POS 4931 Politics
    of Modern Mexico
  • POW 3130 Brazilian Literature I
  • POW 3131 Brazilian Literature
  • POW 4380 Contemporary Brazilian Poetry
  • POW 4454 19th Century Brazilian
  • PRT 3931 Brazilian Cinema
  • SPW 3020 Introduction to Spanish
    American Literature
  • SPW 3030 Discovery to Independence
  • SPW 3031 Independence
    to Contemporary Times
  • SPW 4190 Seminar in Spanish American
  • SPW 4233 Spanish American Narrative from Origins to Criollismo
  • SPW 4280
    Readings in 19th century Spanish American Literature
  • SPW 4304 Readings
    in Contemporary Spanish American Theatre
  • SPW 4353 Spanish American Poetry
    from Romanticism to Vanguardism
  • SPW 4354 Contemporary Spanish American
  • SPW 4364 Contemporary Spanish American Essay
  • REL 4382 Religion
    and Politics in Latin America
  • CPO 4306 Contemporary Problems in Latin
    American Politics

Note: Other 3000-4000 courses with 100% Latin American
content may be substituted upon approval of the Latin American Studies
undergraduate coordinator and the student’s primary advisor.


Dr. Richmond Brown
Center for Latin American Studies

  • Center for Latin American Studies website
  • View the Academic Learning Compact