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FAQs — Current IDS Students

Where can I learn about undergraduate scholarships?

Information regarding undergraduate scholarships is available here. Questions about Dean’s Office scholarships can be directed to the scholarship coordinator in 2014 Turlington Hall. Any questions about department-specific scholarships should be directed to the respective department.

How do I register for IDS 4906 credit?

To register for IDS 4906 credit, email the scholarship coordinator any time before Drop/Add ends in the semester that you wish to take research credit. Typically, you are allowed to take between 1-4 credits of IDS 4906. Written approval from your primary faculty sponsor is required in order to take more.

How do I receive a grade for IDS 4906?

Your primary faculty sponsor will submit a grade to the IDS Office based upon your research efforts during the semester.

Can I change my IDS major and/or research?

Typically, no. Minor adjustments can be made when warranted, but a full overhaul is discouraged and usually rejected.

Why does my degree audit not show all of the credit I’ve taken for my IDS major?

Your degree audit is updated every semester by the IDS Office. If you notice a discrepancy, please contact

What should my thesis look like?

Theses can vary greatly, depending on the nature of the research. Library research papers tend to be longer than papers based on empirical data. Empirical papers should follow the format of the discipline (ex. Introduction, Methods, Result, Discussion). All theses should have headings and subheadings to guide the reader. You should clearly state the hypotheses or questions being asked. Theses also don’t necessarily have to be submitted as a paper (ex. many Film and Media Studies students complete video or audio projects). Consult with your faculty advisor about his or her expectations in regards to formatting.

What do I have to do about graduation?

During your next to last semester, before registering, check your credits to make sure you have fulfilled all College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (foreign language, lab course, additional science, electives) and UF requirements. Midway through your final semester you will need to register for graduation with Academic Advising. Please contact the IDS Office if you have any additional questions.

How do I know if I’m graduating with honors?

If you have an upper-division GPA of 3.5 or higher (available on degree audit), you automatically qualify for Cum Laude honors. Your primary faculty sponsor will then recommend you for either High (Magna) or Highest (Summa) honors based upon the quality of your thesis work. This is handled internally through the IDS Office — there is nothing that you need to do on your part.