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FAQs — IDS 4940

How many credits does this internship fulfill?

IDS 4940 may be taken for 1-3 credits depending on the amount of hours you will be working throughout the duration of the internship. In order to receive the maximum of 3 credits, you must be working at least 10 hours per week for a full term (Fall, Spring, or Summer C).

Do I receive a grade for this course?

IDS 4940 is graded on an S/U basis. In order to receive a grade of “Satisfactory,” all required assignments must be submitted to 2014 Turlington Hall upon completion of your internship. For information on required assignments, please review the “IDS 4940 Requirements” tab.

Does it matter what term I decide to complete an internship?

No. Internships through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences can be done in the Fall, Spring, or Summer terms. However, please keep in mind that in order to receive the maximum 3 credits for IDS 4940, you must be working at least 10 hours per week in your internship for a full term.

How do I register for IDS 4940?

In order to register for the course, you must first submit all application materials to 2014 Turlington Hall. If your internship proposal is approved, you will then be given further instruction on how to add the course to your schedule.