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Planning your path of study

To make adjustments to your core curriculum to suit your interdisciplinary goals, you must complete the Core Curriculum Revision Form.

What to do before you graduate

  1. Apply to graduate via the Academic Advising Center.
  2. If you have made any changes to your IDS core coursework and have NOT submitted a revision form, be sure to do so as soon as possible. We will not be able to certify your major without this form.
  3. Fill out the Thesis Submission Form. This form must be typed and signed by your primary faculty sponsor. Make a copy of the form and submit to Linda O’Donnell in Academic Advising (Farrior Hall), room 105 by the last day of class.
  4. Submit the other TSF, along with a bound copy of your thesis, to 2014 Turlington Hall. If you are graduating with honors (3.5 upper-division GPA or higher), this is due by the last day of class. No exceptions.
  5. Before graduation, upload a copy of your thesis to the Honors website for archiving.
  6. If your thesis is of exceptionally high quality, please draw your sponsor’s attention to the Undergraduate Research Competition.

Thesis Submission

Journal of Thesis Abstract Guidelines

Your abstract should begin with a definitive statement of the problem or project. Its purpose, scope, and limit should be clearly delineated. Then, as concisely as possible, describe research methods and design, major findings, the significance of the work (if appropriate), and conclusions.

Students whose thesis involves “creative” work (original, fine art, music, writing, theatre or film production, dance, etc.) should describe the process and production, indicating the forms of documentation on file as “thesis” materials.

All students should pay special attention to the “subject words,” because these will be the keywords by which your thesis may be found in the index. Think of these words (or phrases) as instrumental in leading a potential reader to your thesis.

Please have your advisor review and sign your abstract for organization, content, grammar, and spelling before submission.