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Budget and Finance

Uma Sethuram

Budget and Finance Director

Areas of Responsibility

  • Responsible for analysis and communication of financial and budgetary information to the Dean, Associate Deans, Department Chairs, Department Staff, University Budget Office, and Provost’s Office.
  • Preparation and management of the Operating Budget, All Funds Budget, Research and Private funds and other financial data.
  • Assist in formulating and implementing of policy relating to budgetary and financial issues.
  • Project fiscal impacts of proposed university policies, college policies, and strategic options.
  • Responsible for the College’s online program.
  • Enrollment management and Summer Budget request review and approval.
  • Management and control of College overhead account.
  • Maintenance and oversight of College research commitments
  • Preparation of various analytical reports as necessary.
  • Acts as signatory for Dean on fiscal matters.
  • Serves as CLAS liaison with the University Budget Office; Office of the Provost; Division of Sponsored Research; and Contracts and Grants office.

Tami Ford


Areas of Responsibility

  • Provides support to departments in monitoring, processing, reviewing, and approving transactional activities related to, commitment accounting, and fiscal processes.
  • Reviews, analyzes expenditures for all College funds, and determines fund balances; ensures compliance with University policies and procedures.