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Reservations and Directions

Requests to reserve and use the facility after 3:00 on weekdays may be submitted via email to Robin Schrieber.

Requests should include the following information:

  • Your name and phone number
  • Type of proposed event (reception, conference, etc.)
  • Sponsoring organization (department, college, center, etc.)
  • Expected attendance
  • Dates and times requested
  • Name of person responsible for reservation and who is responsible to see that the RULES OF USE are observed
  • Do you plan to serve alcohol?
  • Do you plan to hire a caterer?

Reservation Fees

The cost of reserving the Keene Faculty Center is $100 for units within CLAS, and $200 for units outside of CLAS. To secure your reservation, a Chartfield will need to be provided, and Robin Schrieber will send an invoice. The reservation fee must be paid prior to the reservation date.