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Before the Event

There are tables and chairs available for use. We have about 100 chairs, six 8ft tables, two 6ft tables, and one podium.
Be very careful about the wood floors in the Keene Center. The floors have just been refinished so please make sure that you do not scratch them. Do not drag the furniture! The floors are thin and cannot be refinished again. They scuff and scratch very easily. Please LIFT all chairs and tables when setting up. The podium has 2 wheels only, so you will have to tilt it to one direction to move it.
The only furniture that can be rearranged are the wingback chairs. The two tables on the east and west end cannot be moved. The piano cannot be moved for any reason.
You may use the refrigerator to hold food during your event. Please remember to empty it afterwards.
You may NOT light candles in the Keene Center.
You may not use or remove catering supplies (plates, utensils, cups or serving ware) that are in the kitchen. This is property from the Office of the Dean.
The rugs in the Keene Center cannot be moved for any reason.

After the Event

Check carpets for stains! Spilled food or beverages should be cleaned IMMEDIATELY. Please pick up food and mop up excess liquid. There is a Bissell Stain Remover that must be used on any stained areas of the carpets.
Throw all trash away and take your trash bags to the dumpster. Replace the trash bags in each trash can. Trash bag supply is in the storage closet.
Vacuum the green carpets. The industrial-looking vacuum works best. Be sure to step on the lever marked ADJUST HERE to lower the vacuum mechanism to the floor.
Sweep the wood floors with the dry mop.
Clean all glass surfaces with paper towels and Windex (available in the kitchen).
Straighten pillows, cushions, and replace furniture. Refer to the black notebook in the kitchen for furniture arrangement. Please be meticulous about this.
Clean the kitchen and remove your food from the fridge.
Turn off all lights. To turn off the lights that have the dimmer switch, you must push the lever all the way down until it clicks.
Lock the doors. The front doors must be locked manually. Check the back doors to the outside as well.
If it is determined that your department/group did not adhere to these guidelines, you will not be able to use the space again in the future. If damage is incurred as a result, you may be required to pay for repairs.

Alcohol Policy

Please note that if you plan to serve alcohol at your event, you will need to seek formal approval beforehand by completing and submitting the 2019 Alcohol Approval Form (PDF) to the appropriate office indicated on form for review.